Wedding: Conclusion

9 Sep

Wedding was a success.  Everyone had a fabulous time and was dancing all night.  I was really pleased with ALL our vendors.

Quick recap of the day with a few comments and pictures:

9:00am – 11:00am – Ladies arrive at KCC and get hair & makeup done  (Hair and Makeup by Sally Burch & associated Stylists from Salon Lofts at Fields Ertle)

Sarah getting hair done

Getting ready!













12:00pm – Guys arrive, start getting ready in men’s locker room

12:30-1:30 – Bmaids & Gmen get pictures taken inside & outside (separately- very important for me and Drew not to see each other!)

Groomsmen at KCC

Groomsmen at KCC









2:30 – Groomsmen act as ushers, seat our ~ 220 guests at St Francis De Sales

2:30 – 3:05 – Ceremony — goes smoothly.  I was only nervous right before walking down the aisle with my dad, when I saw all the people there.  We had a couple sliiight missteps but after talking with others there, it sounds like no one else noticed.    I was pretty nervous throughout the ceremony so I don’t remember all of it, but I remember it being good (:

At the ceremony we had a singer and pianist/organist recommended by the church – Sujung Cho & Mary Southworth.

Our readers were my cousin, Maria, and Drew’s friend Kara, and our mutual friend, Eric Olson.  The readings were Corinthians (Love is Patient, Love is Kind..) and Love by Roy Croft (can be read here:  We wrote our own petitions.

We hung wreaths at the church on every other pew (approx 20 wreaths) with purple ribbon.  The wreaths we borrowed from my aunt Jane, the ribbons were tied by my mom’s friend, Suzi.

After the ceremony, Drew and I left in the limo for a quick trip to Eden Park and a little champagne, and mostly to encourage people to leave the church and head on to the reception.  We came back and did pictures afterwards with the wedding party and some relatives.


Me & my bridesmaids!









Following the reception pictures, we all hopped back into the 2 limos (provided by YC limo) and went back to KCC for some outdoor shots.  Unfortunately it was raining so we decided to skip the majority of the group pictures and let them go in and enjoy the cocktail hour with the other guests.  Me, Drew, Neysa and Karen hopped into 2 golf carts and drove around the course.  Luckily it stopped raining and we were able to get some great shots.

Drew and Sarah kissing on hill

Fairytale picture









The “Fairytale picture” above is probably my favorite picture from the whole day.  The background looks almost fake the way its faded and blueish.  My photographer did a really great job.  Photography by: Neysa Ruhl Photography

After our outdoor shots we went back inside for dinner and dancing.  Everyone did a fantastic job on their speeches and entrances!

—– Running out of time for today but will finish this post soon —

Key Lime cake

Key Lime wedding cake


Centerpiece style 1

Wedding planner pinning flowers

Centerpiece style 2

Centerpiece style 2


Rounding 2nd looking home…

24 Jun

We are in the final stretch, the final month.  There are officially 22 days left until the big day. 

I figured all of you (all 3 of you that actually read this!) would be eager to hear some updates on how things are going and if I’ve recovered or cracked even more. 

I think the answer is half and half. 

Going to my friend Emily’s wedding last weekend was eye opening for me for a couple reasons:

1. I realized we should be working on our thank you’s and short speeches for rehearsal and wedding dinner.   I was  surprised when my friend and her new husband read each other hand written notes about how they fell for each other, in front of everyone!  It took A LOT of guts to say all the things they did, and it was really beautiful.  I found myself thinking about what I would say if I had to do that at my reception and even that thought gave me major stage fright.  I couldn’t help thinking how some of my family members would be eating it up while others would be rolling their eyes in the background.  Thankfully, my friend’s families were extremely supportive and loved their open affection for each other.  This got me thinking though, about my mom’s birthday party and how I got nervous and couldn’t think of anything to say on the spot.  So I better get writing with a few thoughts (and re-writing and then re-writing again to make it sound better) for at least the rehearsal dinner. 

2. The day of schedule… is mine going to be good or bad?  As far as timelines go, my friend’s wedding was pretty much the polar opposite of mine.  For hers we primped all morning but didn’t start pictures until around 3.  We took pictures for about 30 minutes and then had our next event 530.  The ceremony started around 6:30.  This schedule worked well because we had a lot of time to get ready and we never felt rushed.  Downsides are obvious – keeping hair and makeup looking nice from 10am until 6:30pm is challenging.  For my wedding, our schedule is get ready between 9-1; then pictures (girls and guys separate) and then ceremony at 230.  After we will do family shots and bridal party at the church and in the meantime our friends and family will be at cocktail hour at the country club.  Then we’ll go back to the country club and take more pictures on the grounds and hopefully wrap it all up by 5 so we can talk a tiny bit before dinner starts.  Everyone keeps telling me not to rush and to give plenty of time, but I’m just not sure how that will work.  Also, my grandma promised it was okay not to do a giant family picture at the wedding, and I hope that promise sticks (:  I would like the picture, but the sheer amount of energy and set up for all those people sounds stressful.  I really hate taking family pictures.  I love looking at them later, but hate the setup process. 

In other news, the breakouts are getting better, but not fully gone.  I’ve been using SOAP and washing frequently but these zits are very persistent.  My face must be a nice place to live.  They are really holding on for dear life. 

We submitted our program outline, we picked our readings, just waiting to see them printed from M Hopple.  We finalized the menu’s with M Hopple yesterday.  Today my mom personally drove my baptism certificate down to the church (45 minute drive) so that my priest would be able to send it to the Archdiosease downtown in time for it to be processed so that we can be married.  THANK YOU, MOM!  That was something that had been weighing on me for weeks.  Although me and Drew didn’t hear the priest state we needed an original, the fact that I lost the thing for 2 months and just gave it to him recently (and then found out we needed the original) didn’t help matters.  Thank god my mom was able to balance everything going on and got that situation taken care of.  It was one of the times I had to pull the ‘mother of the bride’ card and ask her to handle it.   There have been a few of those..

Next week we meet with the wedding planner, Catherine, for our final meeting & handoff.  After this, I’m hoping everything will begin magically falling into place (: 

Final fitting is July 5. 

In the most exciting news of the week, we found the perfect, most beautiful earrings to go with my mom’s necklace that I will be wearing at the wedding.  My mom (Thanks again!) had gone to a jeweler and picked several vintage earrings out of a catalogue for me to try out.  Thankfully, she has excellent taste and the earrings were very cute.  There was one pair that stood out from the rest though.  They are really neat, sparkly and the perfect size.  They aren’t too small, but they aren’t too big either.  When I tried them on at the store with the necklace, I took my hair down from its usual ponytail, and looking in the mirror, I felt like a real bride (:

Ok, back to work, cleaning and laundry.  My aunt is coming to visit this weekend and I want this place looking good!  Plus, all this disorganization is really starting to get to me.  If you’ve read the other blog, the rehab of the house is pretty much done but we never really had that sort and organize period at the house, so everything is still pretty much thrown everywhere.  I think that does hurt your ability to get other things done when you constantly see things out of place, can’t find things when you need them, etc.  It probably doesn’t look that severe to anyone else who has been here, but for me its been building for a while.  Hopefully this weekend will be exceptionally productive!

More to come next week!

30 days left

16 Jun

Today is June 16. In 30 days it will be 7/16, my wedding day.

I am sure that my feelings of nervousness and excitement are exactly the same as everyone feels as they get closer to their big day.

As a stress reliever I’m going to just list out a few things on my mind at the moment.
1. I mentioned I have been breaking out. My poor face has really taken the brunt of my wedding stress lately. The other night I accidentally wiped it with nail polish remover, which I thought was astringent. This week, I developed 3 new, monstrous blemishes. Drew has been telling me that my new face wash from Clinique is just not working. Since I paid a lot for my new Clinique makeup (thinking it would get my face in better condition), I have been unwilling to accept that it might not be working as well as planned. Today a coworker mentioned she used to work for Clinique, and I mentioned my situation. She asked what soap I was using in between the exfoliator (7 day scrub) and astringent. I explained that the 7 day scrub was my soap. She explained that actually it had no soap in it and the astringent doesn’t actually clean your face. Net: I have not used soap on my face in weeks.
Not only is this upsetting but its also disgusting.
2. Spray tan or Real tan or both or neither
I’ve spray tanned once before, for my friend Katie’s wedding, and it went pretty good. I was only a little orange.
I have 2 more spray tans left in my package from her wedding. I was planning to do 1 today and one before my wedding. The only problem is that after the wedding we are going to Mexico. And since my skin is so pale, I will probably fry. I plan to use really strong sunscreen, but still, I always miss some spots…
My mom wants me to do real tanning, but all I can think about are those you tube videos where people show how they got melanoma and I think to myself, how could I sacrifice my skin just for a few weeks of vacation? Ugh.
3. Baptism certificate – this is probably my first legitimate gripe about the Catholic church and my wedding. So far everything has gone smoothly, we’ve done our classes and everyone has been very understanding and accommodating of our interfaith marriage. Until we got to the the whole baptism thing. We figured out that Drew was not baptized. I never knew that. I had this notion that everyone got baptized. All he had to do was get his mom to write a one sentence letter stating that he was not baptized, and sign it. Me, on the other hand, the Catholic that belongs to the parish we are getting married at, has to go back to the place where I was baptized and get an original baptizimal (spelling?) certificate.
Since I was born in Arizona, that wasn’t really as easy as it could have been. Add to that the fact that I lost the copy of the one my mom gave me for about 2 months, so when I finally gave it to the priest last week, he said that it wouldn’t work. So now we have to get a new one mailed to us from AZ, and then mail it to the priest, and then the priest has to mail it downtown to the Archdiose or something. I’m a teeeeeny bit worried about what will happen if the one they send is wrong. It should arrive tomorrow – fingers crossed!
4. End on a happy note
Despite all the doom and gloom in my posting, good things have been happening. Today I sent an invite for my bridesmaid luncheon. Tomorrow we go to Toledo for my friend Emily’s wedding. Sunday is Father’s Day. I already sent my cards out so thank god for that. Though I’m remembering I didn’t send one to my grandpa or Drew’s dad… crap. Add it to the list!

Overall things are good, its just nice to have a place to vent. Hope you all aren’t too horrified by all my complaining (:

39 days….

7 Jun

I can’t believe I am actually only 39 days away from the biggest day of my life.   Although I am super excited, I’m also getting some nerves.  I can tell because I’ve been having bad dreams every night and I’ve started breaking out for no reason.  I’m actually taking better care of my skin than I ever have in the past.  Everyday I’ve been noticing new blemishes.

Tomorrow is my next and possibly final fitting.  I’ll get to see my bustle and see the adjusted fit.  As the seamstress says, as long as I don’t feel like I will faint, then its okay.

We finished up transportation last week.  We booked a shuttle for guests who don’t want to drive back to the hotel after the wedding.  Hoping the guests take advantage of it!  I’m not really sure how to get the word out.  I updated our wedding website with the information ( but not sure how many people are really going there for further information.  It would have been better if we had set up a vanity URL like “” and then included that with the invitations.   Future brides out there…. make a note.

I had my last shower over the weekend.  It was so nice!  The weather was perfect and the food was great.  Some of my aunts from Cinci drove up to Dayton, and Drew’s aunt and mom and sister drove in from Columbus, which was really nice.

There is so much more I have to say but need to get back to work!

Talk more later!

43 days to go!

3 Jun

I can’t believe we are less than 2 months away from our wedding!

Today we booked our transportation – FINALLY.  Now we have a shuttle for our guests and limo’s for our bridal party.

In May we finished up our engagement pictures.

Next week I have my next fitting & get to see the bustle on my dress.

The bachelorette party and bridal shower were a raving success!

I’m keeping this site updated for guest info:

Tomorrow I have a wedding shower in Dayton with my aunts and family!!!!

54 days to go

23 May

Booked the honeymoon last night – Secrets Silversand Resort in Riveria Maya (Cancun, Mexico).   We leave Monday morning after the wedding.  I’ve heard this is best so you can relax the day after the wedding (Sunday) and we can see everyone at brunch and then leave the following day.  We got a glowing recommendation from a friend from work so we decided to go for it.  We’ll be gone from Mon (7/18) until Sunday (7/25).

Yesterday, Drew and I went to the mall and got my bridesmaid’s the last piece of their gifts.  It was nice to get that checked off the list.  We also picked out flatware from Macy’s and added it to the registry.

We also bought our first lawn mower and mowed the lawn for the very first time!  Even though half of it is grass and the other half is weeds, when its all cut down to the same level, it actually looks like a real yard (:

In other wedding news, this weekend is our bachelor/bachelorette party weekend.  I am really excited for the shower on Saturday morning and then going up to Oxford that night to party.  I thought I had the perfect outfit picked out but now I’m realizing I need to go shopping!!

Will write more later in the week!

59 days to go!

18 May

Its been a long time since I last wrote.  Things got pretty crazy with purchasing a house and planning a wedding at the same time.

By this time, we are getting closer to finishing up some of the wedding planning, but unfortunately I’m not as far along as I’d hoped.  Its hard to believe I’ve had over a year to work on this and yet I’m down to the wire on the last 2 months.  I’m a project manager!!!  How could I let this happen!

My revised goal: get the last details done by 6/16 so I can have the last month to rest up for the big day.

What’s left:

1. Readings – still no idea which readings we want to use.  Granted, we could use the standard ones if we get in a bind.  But we did want to be unique.  At least we have the “read-ers” booked!

2. Programs – still need to have a final meeting with Fr. Gene so that we know the final format for the ceremony and then we can set up the programs

3. Place cards – with the invites going out this week, we haven’t printed the place cards because we don’t really know who is coming.

4. Seating – same as # 3

5. Photobooth – in the last stages of booking the Photobooth.  This should be finalized soon.  We also need to figure out props, tape and scrapbook to go next to the booth.

6. Dress fitting # 2 – scheduled for 6/8.  First dress fitting went pretty well.  Dress zipped – thank god.  Looks like we are going with the French style bustle which makes me a little nervous (lots of ties and stuff).  The alterations lady adamantly recommended this style because “it is much more secure”.  So, we decided to go with her judgment.

7. Transportation – all those shuttles and limos we’ve been talking about since December?  Still not booked.

8. Honeymoon – haven’t even started. I got a few ideas from friends but we haven’t booked anything yet or determined a solid place.

9. Ceremony songs – we got the organist/pianist, but haven’t picked the songs yet.  Plus, Drew is really against a singer, so we need to make sure this will fly with Fr. Gene.  I like the Trumpet Voluntary for when I walk in, that’s all I know so far.  And we might get a Trumpeter (?) but first need to figure out songs.

10. Slideshows (lower priority) – in progress.  Luke is putting these together for me.  Still lacking a lot of pictures of Drew’s friends…

11. Makeup – I had my hair and makeup trial yesterday!  Everything went well.  Except, my skin is not the color it will be on my wedding day.  I’m going to spray tan before the wedding, so I will need different foundation to go with that color.

12. I am getting more stressed just finishing listing all the things left to plan!  I’m stopping here.

By the end of this week I hope to have the following done:

1. Engagement pics round II (already done)

2. Hair/makeup trial (already done)

3. Photobooth booked – check and contract in mail

4. Day of & day before schedule finalized

5. Vases handed off to florist (need to take inventory because more will be needed)

6. Invitations mailed

7. Pick ceremony songs

Although I’ve been stressed on the planning, overall, things are going really well.  Regardless of if everything was planned or not, I would still be a nervous wreck 2 months before the biggest day of my life.  The fact that things are not done is just adding to it a bit.  Soon enough though, I’m confident we’ll have everything in order!

Will check in again soon!

Pre Cana 101

20 Feb

Yesterday we attended our mandatory Pre Cana class from 8:30-4:00pm at Raymond Walters.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  I think I actually learned a few things too!  Here are a few nuggets I’d like to share from the various classes we attended (including: Conflict resolution, Finance, Interfaith marriage)

Most important lessons we learned:

  • Sign up for Disability Insurance!  – I’ve already done this but we need to get it for Drew
  • 4 Documents you need to get – Will, Living will, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney.  This will cost about $300-500
  • Our personality types!  Mine is ENTJ and Drew’s is INFP.  Which translates to “Mean Mommy” and “Nice Daddy” in Zoe/kid terms.   I guess now we know its true.

Next week we meet with our priest to find out how we did on our 200 question scantron test.


6 months to go!

20 Jan

January has been a great wedding month so far.  I was in my friend’s wedding and got tons of ideas.  We finally came to an agreement on invitations.  We are in the process of booking our rehearsal dinner.  The cake is ordered!  We met our priest and filled out a 200 question ‘focus’.  WHEW!

Just for fun, let’s have a quick recap of what needs to be done in next 6 months:

Send Save the Dates!

Names and addresses for STD & Invitations

Pick up vases from Alix in Chicago (March)

Flower arrangements and centerpieces


Drew’s wedding band

Groom attire

Transportation > (Drew is in charge) Mostly done.


Fitting/dress alterations/dry clean

Hair appointment/practice do

Makeup appt for day of

Hair Accessories/Jewelry

Put together Programs (ribbon at top)


Something Blue?

Bridesmaid/Groomsmen gifts

OOTowner gift bags, maps, etc

Wedding certificate

Ceremony readings

Ceremony music

Cocktail hour music – (Mom in charge) > TBD


There’s probably more but that’s all my brain can handle right now.

In other news, it looks more likely we will be getting the house (yay!).  Hoping I can make it through the next 3 weeks.

I did join a running group and so far have been running 3x a week.  I’m supposed to run 4x a week but I can’t quite work up the energy to do that yet.  I’ve run up to 4 miles and made it just fine.  Keeping a 10 min/mile pace.  Next, I need to add back in some weight training for my arms, and some cross training.

The color purple

10 Jan

Why purple?  A few people asked me how I came to select this as my primary wedding color when I don’t normally wear much purple, or even show much preference for purple over other colors in general.  I was thinking about what people do with their favorite color – paint their bedroom, decorate their home, buy a bedspread, wear clothes that color – and I really haven’t done that at all with purple.  (I have been wearing more purple ever since I picked it for the wedding though!)

I decided the reason I liked purple so much was that it was warmer than blue but not quite as girly as pink!   Plus, it helps that two of my best friends getting married before me in 2011 are doing blue, so I knew I didn’t want to be the 3rd blue wedding of the year! (;

Here are some fun facts about purple from the web:

  • In human color psychology, purple is associated with royalty and nobility
  • It was Color of the Year in 2008!  (Who knew??) Pantone has selected the color Blue Iris (PANTONE 18-3943) as the 2008 Color of the Year telling us: “Combining the stable and calming aspects of blue with the mystical and spiritual qualities of purple, Blue Iris satisfies the need for reassurance in a complex world, while adding a hint of mystery and excitement.”
  • Famous Purple lover –  Cleopatra
  • The Purple Heart is a U.S. Military decoration given to soldiers wounded in battle.
  • In Feng Shui the color purple is a very strong, high vibration color, the color of connection to the spiritual realms (7th chakra.) (
  • An international Purple Day was held on March 26, 2009 to raise awareness and educate people about epilepsy
  • The Purple Cow Poem: I never saw a purple cow
    I never hope to see one;
    But I can tell you, anyhow,
    I’d rather see than be one!
  • Purple Planet = Jupiter.
  • Purple month = February
  • Purple stone = February birthdays = Amethyst

Now you know more than you ever dreamed about Purple!

purple cow enjoying a lovely day in the grassy field

purple cow enjoying a lovely day in the grassy field