59 days to go!

18 May

Its been a long time since I last wrote.  Things got pretty crazy with purchasing a house and planning a wedding at the same time.

By this time, we are getting closer to finishing up some of the wedding planning, but unfortunately I’m not as far along as I’d hoped.  Its hard to believe I’ve had over a year to work on this and yet I’m down to the wire on the last 2 months.  I’m a project manager!!!  How could I let this happen!

My revised goal: get the last details done by 6/16 so I can have the last month to rest up for the big day.

What’s left:

1. Readings – still no idea which readings we want to use.  Granted, we could use the standard ones if we get in a bind.  But we did want to be unique.  At least we have the “read-ers” booked!

2. Programs – still need to have a final meeting with Fr. Gene so that we know the final format for the ceremony and then we can set up the programs

3. Place cards – with the invites going out this week, we haven’t printed the place cards because we don’t really know who is coming.

4. Seating – same as # 3

5. Photobooth – in the last stages of booking the Photobooth.  This should be finalized soon.  We also need to figure out props, tape and scrapbook to go next to the booth.

6. Dress fitting # 2 – scheduled for 6/8.  First dress fitting went pretty well.  Dress zipped – thank god.  Looks like we are going with the French style bustle which makes me a little nervous (lots of ties and stuff).  The alterations lady adamantly recommended this style because “it is much more secure”.  So, we decided to go with her judgment.

7. Transportation – all those shuttles and limos we’ve been talking about since December?  Still not booked.

8. Honeymoon – haven’t even started. I got a few ideas from friends but we haven’t booked anything yet or determined a solid place.

9. Ceremony songs – we got the organist/pianist, but haven’t picked the songs yet.  Plus, Drew is really against a singer, so we need to make sure this will fly with Fr. Gene.  I like the Trumpet Voluntary for when I walk in, that’s all I know so far.  And we might get a Trumpeter (?) but first need to figure out songs.

10. Slideshows (lower priority) – in progress.  Luke is putting these together for me.  Still lacking a lot of pictures of Drew’s friends…

11. Makeup – I had my hair and makeup trial yesterday!  Everything went well.  Except, my skin is not the color it will be on my wedding day.  I’m going to spray tan before the wedding, so I will need different foundation to go with that color.

12. I am getting more stressed just finishing listing all the things left to plan!  I’m stopping here.

By the end of this week I hope to have the following done:

1. Engagement pics round II (already done)

2. Hair/makeup trial (already done)

3. Photobooth booked – check and contract in mail

4. Day of & day before schedule finalized

5. Vases handed off to florist (need to take inventory because more will be needed)

6. Invitations mailed

7. Pick ceremony songs

Although I’ve been stressed on the planning, overall, things are going really well.  Regardless of if everything was planned or not, I would still be a nervous wreck 2 months before the biggest day of my life.  The fact that things are not done is just adding to it a bit.  Soon enough though, I’m confident we’ll have everything in order!

Will check in again soon!


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