54 days to go

23 May

Booked the honeymoon last night – Secrets Silversand Resort in Riveria Maya (Cancun, Mexico).   We leave Monday morning after the wedding.  I’ve heard this is best so you can relax the day after the wedding (Sunday) and we can see everyone at brunch and then leave the following day.  We got a glowing recommendation from a friend from work so we decided to go for it.  We’ll be gone from Mon (7/18) until Sunday (7/25).

Yesterday, Drew and I went to the mall and got my bridesmaid’s the last piece of their gifts.  It was nice to get that checked off the list.  We also picked out flatware from Macy’s and added it to the registry.

We also bought our first lawn mower and mowed the lawn for the very first time!  Even though half of it is grass and the other half is weeds, when its all cut down to the same level, it actually looks like a real yard (:

In other wedding news, this weekend is our bachelor/bachelorette party weekend.  I am really excited for the shower on Saturday morning and then going up to Oxford that night to party.  I thought I had the perfect outfit picked out but now I’m realizing I need to go shopping!!

Will write more later in the week!


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