30 days left

16 Jun

Today is June 16. In 30 days it will be 7/16, my wedding day.

I am sure that my feelings of nervousness and excitement are exactly the same as everyone feels as they get closer to their big day.

As a stress reliever I’m going to just list out a few things on my mind at the moment.
1. I mentioned I have been breaking out. My poor face has really taken the brunt of my wedding stress lately. The other night I accidentally wiped it with nail polish remover, which I thought was astringent. This week, I developed 3 new, monstrous blemishes. Drew has been telling me that my new face wash from Clinique is just not working. Since I paid a lot for my new Clinique makeup (thinking it would get my face in better condition), I have been unwilling to accept that it might not be working as well as planned. Today a coworker mentioned she used to work for Clinique, and I mentioned my situation. She asked what soap I was using in between the exfoliator (7 day scrub) and astringent. I explained that the 7 day scrub was my soap. She explained that actually it had no soap in it and the astringent doesn’t actually clean your face. Net: I have not used soap on my face in weeks.
Not only is this upsetting but its also disgusting.
2. Spray tan or Real tan or both or neither
I’ve spray tanned once before, for my friend Katie’s wedding, and it went pretty good. I was only a little orange.
I have 2 more spray tans left in my package from her wedding. I was planning to do 1 today and one before my wedding. The only problem is that after the wedding we are going to Mexico. And since my skin is so pale, I will probably fry. I plan to use really strong sunscreen, but still, I always miss some spots…
My mom wants me to do real tanning, but all I can think about are those you tube videos where people show how they got melanoma and I think to myself, how could I sacrifice my skin just for a few weeks of vacation? Ugh.
3. Baptism certificate – this is probably my first legitimate gripe about the Catholic church and my wedding. So far everything has gone smoothly, we’ve done our classes and everyone has been very understanding and accommodating of our interfaith marriage. Until we got to the the whole baptism thing. We figured out that Drew was not baptized. I never knew that. I had this notion that everyone got baptized. All he had to do was get his mom to write a one sentence letter stating that he was not baptized, and sign it. Me, on the other hand, the Catholic that belongs to the parish we are getting married at, has to go back to the place where I was baptized and get an original baptizimal (spelling?) certificate.
Since I was born in Arizona, that wasn’t really as easy as it could have been. Add to that the fact that I lost the copy of the one my mom gave me for about 2 months, so when I finally gave it to the priest last week, he said that it wouldn’t work. So now we have to get a new one mailed to us from AZ, and then mail it to the priest, and then the priest has to mail it downtown to the Archdiose or something. I’m a teeeeeny bit worried about what will happen if the one they send is wrong. It should arrive tomorrow – fingers crossed!
4. End on a happy note
Despite all the doom and gloom in my posting, good things have been happening. Today I sent an invite for my bridesmaid luncheon. Tomorrow we go to Toledo for my friend Emily’s wedding. Sunday is Father’s Day. I already sent my cards out so thank god for that. Though I’m remembering I didn’t send one to my grandpa or Drew’s dad… crap. Add it to the list!

Overall things are good, its just nice to have a place to vent. Hope you all aren’t too horrified by all my complaining (:


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