My name is Sarah and I’m originally from the Mason, Ohio area.  I was born in Phoenix, Az but grew up in Toledo, and moved to Mason in ’96 when I started high school.

I went to Miami University and graduated with a degree in Marketing in 2004.  Since then I’ve worked for Total Quality Logistics (04-08) and Corbus LLC (08-present).  I currently work as a Project Manager, so wedding planning is right up my alley (:

I recently got engaged in April and have been really excited about planning my wedding but haven’t really had a good outlet for sharing my findings.  I do have a few engaged friends, but they are out of town, and the friends I have in town I secretly worry about boring if I talk wedding stuff too much. My fiancee rarely feels like talking about it, so in some ways I’m alone in my excitement about personalized napkins and flower arrangements.

Plus, it seems like the only site out there worth anything is theknot.com and I was thinking if I got this going, maybe I could help other brides trying to plan a bigger wedding on a decent budget.

Our wedding date is 7/16/11 and we are getting married in Cincinnati, Oh.  Our church is Saint Francis de Sales, which I personally feel is the most gorgeous church in Cincinnati.  Our reception site will be at the Kenwood Country Club.  I’m incredibly lucky and grateful to be able to hold it there, but I will say, I’m a bit nervous about the decorating situation.  Its like a beautiful old hunting lodge in there, but my colors are purple and white… so the red, green, gold, purple and white color palette is a bit scary.  Regardless, the place is fantastic and I’m sure it will all work out (:   I can picture us at the little sweetheart table now, looking around at all our friends and family!


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  1. Kristin June 29, 2010 at 5:55 pm #

    You can talk to me anytime about any of the fun wedding planning stuff; don’t worry about boring me!

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