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Holy Sangria!

3 Dec

So last night a few of us went bridesmaid dress shopping, and we really liked a style in the color sangria.  I also really like lapis (dark purple), but the sangria was so bright and playful and summery… I had to consider.  However, some have brought forward the concern about flowers not matching or even worse, clashing, to my attention.

Therefore, my mission tonight is to determine…. is sangria a viable color for bridesmaid dresses?

Here are my findings… let me know what you think

two tones of sangria

wedding inspiration board

sangria dresses with light pink flowers

sangria dresses pink flowers

sangria colored tulips


sangria dresses

sangria dresses with dark flowers


sangria tone flowers

sangria table setting

sangria table setting

sangria arrangment

sangria arrangment

lovely sangria bouquet

lovely sangria multi color bouquet


Featured car tables: Vintage Charm

13 Aug

As you may have read in my other posts, we are going to have pictures of cars to label the tables at our reception.

After hearing the Goedde kids (my Dad’s generation) Gremlin story for the millionth time on Wednesday night, I decided to see what this car was all about.  As I’ve been told, theirs was orange.  As the kids were watching out the front window for the exciting new car, they saw an orange car coming near and laughed to themselves, asking, who would ever buy an orange car?  Next thing they knew, the car pulled into their driveway.

The Infamous Gremlin

Revenge of Gremmie

This story reminded me a bit of my first car, a 1988 Ford Taurus.  Mine was nothing as exotic as an orange Gremlin, but it had a few of its own quirks.  One was the driver seatbelt we got from the junk yard; another was the power steering fluid which needed to be refilled about once a week.  And no air conditioning.  Ultimately, it could have been a lot worse and I’m grateful I had it!

Here’s one that looks like mine did:

1988 Ford Taurus

Looks like my first car

Centerpiece floral ideas

19 Jul
assorted flower centerpiece

varying shades of purple centerpiece

Purple and black centerpiece

Purple and black centerpieces with tall candle holders

Centerpiece with roses

Floral centerpiece with colored roses

I like, I like

19 Jul

Bouquets I like

Purple bouquet with roses

various purple flowers

bouquet with several different flowers and shades of purple

White and Purple bouquet

White and purple bridal bouquet

bouquet with purple calla lilies

Bouquet with purple calla lilies

Flowers that are in season for July

13 Jul

I keep reading that one of the best ways to save money is to select flowers that are in season for the month you get married.  I’ve done a little searching and its not that easy to tell which ones you should pick.  My number one question is, does that flower ever grow in purple?  Just because orange might be the “normal” color, do they ever grow in purple?  Answer is yet to be determined.

Here are some flowers I really like so far (that I believe are in season for July):

1. Hydrangea- picture below

2. Lisianthus (looks like little roses – picture to the right)

3. Lilac (not at the tables, scent would be too strong, but possibly somewhere else)

4. Gardenia (comes in white but very pretty)

5. Foxglove (looks kind of cool)

6. Dahlia (do they come in purple??)

7. Cosmos (do they come in purple?)


2 Jul

Taking a cue from all the bridal articles, magazines, websites I’ve been reviewing, I really wanted to integrate our personalities into the reception as much as possible.  One of the easiest and certainly the cheapest ideas I had was to name the dinner tables after cars.

Each table is provided a 5×7 frame from the club and we could use numbers or whatever we want in the frame.  Given Drew’s profession and love for cars, we thought it would be fun to use pictures of cars to name each table.

I figure with about 300 people and 10 people per table, we are looking at approximately 30 tables to name.   I’m excited too, I think it will be funny to add the cars and tributes to the people who owned them (in some cases).  There will have to be a 2004 Camry LE in honor of the bride and in honor of the groom an  Infiniti I-30, Dodge Magnum, Camaro Z28.  I figure we will have to have a table with the Queen Mary and a Ford Taurus (a long line of them!) to honor my parents and then an MGBGT and Infiniti to honor Drew’s parents.  In any case, it should be fun!

When I helped Drew cover the Ault Park Concours, I got to take pictures out of the car window and here is the one that made it on to – the Delage!

Delage from Ault Park Concours

Picture of Delage from Ault Park Concours

Other cars that will probably make the cut:

Dodge Challenger

Ferrari Scuderia

Some sort of Corvette (Drew is getting one to test drive in August!)

1969 Camaro

Bently/Rolls Royce (for my uncle Tom/Mike)

Gremlin (Goedde kids’ car and Drew’s parents had one!)

Ford Taurus – these have been company cars for so long and the family kept buying them (all the Goeddes) to the point where one time at a family gathering at my grandparent’s house, the neighbor asked if anyone worked at a Ford dealership.  I personally drove at least 3 different Tauruses (?) in my highschool/college years.

I’m kind of excited for this little project, it will be cheap and easy and very personalized!