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27 dresses…

3 Sep Strapless with side ruffle

In my estimation, a bridesmaid dress is probably the number one factor in bridesmaid happiness.  There are few other factors that can make your closest friends dread going out in public, feel self conscious, or just plain resentful.  The next worse thing would have to be a BrideZilla; closely followed by those shoes the bride thoughtfully bought while on they were on sale at Target, which unfortunately lead to sore, miserable feet.

I think my plan will be to allow the girls to pick their own style (within a few selected styles) and their own shade of purple (ranging from light to dark) so that each can hopefully feel really good about what they’re wearing.

I was disappointed AND relieved today to read that I’ve managed to select 2 of the biggest bridesmaid trends this year: varying shades of a same color dress, and purple.  I was disappointed because I thought my idea was so clever (although, it did originate from another bride’s wedding featured in The Knot, Ohio – should have known) and relieved because half the time I wonder if my ideas are too old fashioned.  Whew!  I might be unoriginal, but at least we’ll be in style (:

Although I’m giving choices, I’ll obviously need to pick a few styles.  Here are a few dress styles (NOT COLORS) that I think are cute – pics below.

Interesting neck dress

Interesting neck dress (remove the flower)

cute basic dress

Cute basic dress

Violet dress

Strapless dress

Strapless with side ruffle

Sassy strapless with side ruffle

Strapless with pockets and wide skirt

Strapless with pockets