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Found it!

6 Jul

We started at Fabulous Bridal, which I did think lived up to their name.  They had some great off the rack dresses and lots that I liked.  We found one dress that was really great, had little sleeves (forget what they are called) and was just gorgeous.  Unfortunately, it had a few snags in the material and a stain in the front, but I loved it (and the price) so much we decided to put it on hold just in case.

Bridal and Formal was less exciting and much more tiring.  We tried on dress after dress and it was exhausting!  I did find 2 I really liked but they both looked like they should be for destination weddings… they had flowers on them…

Afterward BF we had about 45 minutes until our next appt at David’s.  My mom really wanted to go to European Bridal (across the street) but I didn’t want to b/c I thought the ads looked snooty and I wasn’t sure they would have anything I’d like.  We walked in and the lady was super helpful and eventually revived us enough to cancel our David’s appt.  Then I told her I really wanted something unique that no one else would have and she brought in THE ONE!  Its made by an exclusive dealer just for European Bridal called Artistic Bridal.  And its awesome.  When I put it on, my mom actually started crying.  She didn’t have that reaction for any other dress.  It was really special (: