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To Photobooth or not to Photobooth?

1 Jul

Instead of giving favors, we are considering having a photobooth at the wedding. My dad even liked the idea, which was kind of shocking. I did some research and found a photobooth for $625 for 4 hours at our reception. http://www.redeyebooths.com/
I’m a little conflicted because on one hand, I think it would be a lot of fun for guests, but on the other, it could take them away from the dance floor and party. My maid of honor said the last wedding she was at, there was a photobooth and it was a huge hit and there were lines for it the entire night. For me, I’d rather have guests dancing and mingling than waiting in line for the photobooth…

The one upside is that we’d have the booth for only 4 hours, so maybe if we have it there early, it would be gone by like 9pm (5-9pm) and then people would spend the rest of the night on the dance floor.