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Centerpiece floral ideas

19 Jul
assorted flower centerpiece

varying shades of purple centerpiece

Purple and black centerpiece

Purple and black centerpieces with tall candle holders

Centerpiece with roses

Floral centerpiece with colored roses


Flowers that are in season for July

13 Jul

I keep reading that one of the best ways to save money is to select flowers that are in season for the month you get married.  I’ve done a little searching and its not that easy to tell which ones you should pick.  My number one question is, does that flower ever grow in purple?  Just because orange might be the “normal” color, do they ever grow in purple?  Answer is yet to be determined.

Here are some flowers I really like so far (that I believe are in season for July):

1. Hydrangea- picture below

2. Lisianthus (looks like little roses – picture to the right)

3. Lilac (not at the tables, scent would be too strong, but possibly somewhere else)

4. Gardenia (comes in white but very pretty)

5. Foxglove (looks kind of cool)

6. Dahlia (do they come in purple??)

7. Cosmos (do they come in purple?)