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Photographer: Booked!

11 Aug

Last night we formally booked our wedding photography with Neysa Ruhl Photography.

We are going to go with 8 hours with 2 photographers and approx 400 pictures; a wedding book; and engagement book for people to sign when they arrive at the reception; a website with our images for 3 months; and a cd of all our images to keep for all of time!

The great news is, we can always add an extra hour later if needed.  It looks like this package will work out well for us though.

I just can’t wait to see myself and everyone in her pictures.  Seriously, they look straight out of a magazine (a really interesting one) and they are thought provoking and just fantastic.

Next step is to figure out which ‘planned’ photos we want to take, because one of my mom’s concerns is the lack of formality in the pictures without being told exactly how to tilt your head or pose.  I think its partially because that’s what we are used to with Elite, and partially just a preference.

Here’s her site if you want to check it out: http://www.neysaruhl.com/

Her blog: http://blog.neysaruhl.com/

Thanks to Catherine for the excellent recommendation!



8 Jul

Update on the overall checklist:

[updated: 8/24/10]

Church > Done. St Francis De Sales

Reception site > Done. Kenwood Country Club

Florist > Done. The Tulip Tree

Dress & Veil > Done.  European Bridal.

Photographer > Done. Neysa Ruhl Photography.

Hotel block > Done.  Hampton Suites.

Engagement photographer and location > Done. Paris/Mark Elias; Cincy/Neysa Ruhl

Day Of planner > Done.  Friend from work with experience.

Something Borrowed > Done.  Borrowing Mom’s necklace/earrings & brooch

1. Cake > TBD

2. Bridesmaid dresses > TBD, dress trying on days in August with Kelli, Jenny & Tara

3. Floral arrangments (centerpieces, bouquets, etc) > TBD, need to set meeting with Tulip Tree

3. Rehearsal dinner > In Progress (Drew is in charge)

4. Honeymoon > ! Avoid places with hurricanes.

6. Wedding bands > TBD

7. Groom attire > TBD

8. Invitations > TBD (Drew claims to want involvement in this activity)

9. Transportation > TBD (Drew is in charge)

10. DJ > TBD (Drew is in charge)

11. Decorations > TBD

  • (30) 5×7 pictures of cars with titles for tables
  • Purple napkins (Need to confirm they are no add’t cost with KCC)
  • Purple votives > Done (90)
  • Vases
  • Tea lights

12. Fitting/dress alterations/dry clean

13. Hair appointment/practice do > TBD

14. Makeup booked > TBD

15. Hair Accessories/Jewelry > In Progress.  Going to borrow Mom’s necklace and earrings.  Bridal hair piece in the works for DIY project.

16. Wedding shoes > TBD.  Not allowed to have shoes with stones in case they catch on dress – per Mom.

17. Registry > TBD > at Crate, BBB, Target (?), Home Depot

18. Something Blue?

19. Bridesmaid/Groomsmen gifts

20. OOTowner gift bags, maps, etc

21. Programs, name cards

22. Wedding certificate

23. Church classes

24. Ceremony readings picked

25. Ceremony music

26. Cocktail hour music

27. Photobooth