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We’ll always have Paris….

31 Aug

With our Paris trip looming only 29 days away, I’m starting to get more and more excited (and anxious) to get the details planned out so that everything runs smoothly while we are there.

As I’ve mentioned already, we are going to do some engagement pictures there with Drew’s co-worker who is a professional photographer for the car industry and apparently does have experience doing weddings on the side (whew!).  I have no idea how much time he’ll give us but I’m thinking we could focus on 2 specific areas: Montmarte & Eiffel Tower area.   For those of you who aren’t familiar with Montmarte, it is a very charming area with tons of outdoor cafes, shops, artisans, people bustling around and the beautiful view of the whole city from the top of the hill by Sacre Cour.

The only questions now are:

1. What are we going to wear?

2. How am I going to do my hair, makeup, etc?

3. Should we skip Eiffel Tower if that’s cheesy?

Montmarte street

Montmarte street

View of Paris from Sacre Cour hill

Artisans in Montmarte

Art on display on street


Featured car tables: Vintage Charm

13 Aug

As you may have read in my other posts, we are going to have pictures of cars to label the tables at our reception.

After hearing the Goedde kids (my Dad’s generation) Gremlin story for the millionth time on Wednesday night, I decided to see what this car was all about.  As I’ve been told, theirs was orange.  As the kids were watching out the front window for the exciting new car, they saw an orange car coming near and laughed to themselves, asking, who would ever buy an orange car?  Next thing they knew, the car pulled into their driveway.

The Infamous Gremlin

Revenge of Gremmie

This story reminded me a bit of my first car, a 1988 Ford Taurus.  Mine was nothing as exotic as an orange Gremlin, but it had a few of its own quirks.  One was the driver seatbelt we got from the junk yard; another was the power steering fluid which needed to be refilled about once a week.  And no air conditioning.  Ultimately, it could have been a lot worse and I’m grateful I had it!

Here’s one that looks like mine did:

1988 Ford Taurus

Looks like my first car

Photographer: Booked!

11 Aug

Last night we formally booked our wedding photography with Neysa Ruhl Photography.

We are going to go with 8 hours with 2 photographers and approx 400 pictures; a wedding book; and engagement book for people to sign when they arrive at the reception; a website with our images for 3 months; and a cd of all our images to keep for all of time!

The great news is, we can always add an extra hour later if needed.  It looks like this package will work out well for us though.

I just can’t wait to see myself and everyone in her pictures.  Seriously, they look straight out of a magazine (a really interesting one) and they are thought provoking and just fantastic.

Next step is to figure out which ‘planned’ photos we want to take, because one of my mom’s concerns is the lack of formality in the pictures without being told exactly how to tilt your head or pose.  I think its partially because that’s what we are used to with Elite, and partially just a preference.

Here’s her site if you want to check it out: http://www.neysaruhl.com/

Her blog: http://blog.neysaruhl.com/

Thanks to Catherine for the excellent recommendation!

To Photobooth or not to Photobooth?

1 Jul

Instead of giving favors, we are considering having a photobooth at the wedding. My dad even liked the idea, which was kind of shocking. I did some research and found a photobooth for $625 for 4 hours at our reception. http://www.redeyebooths.com/
I’m a little conflicted because on one hand, I think it would be a lot of fun for guests, but on the other, it could take them away from the dance floor and party. My maid of honor said the last wedding she was at, there was a photobooth and it was a huge hit and there were lines for it the entire night. For me, I’d rather have guests dancing and mingling than waiting in line for the photobooth…

The one upside is that we’d have the booth for only 4 hours, so maybe if we have it there early, it would be gone by like 9pm (5-9pm) and then people would spend the rest of the night on the dance floor.


382 Days left!

30 Jun

Last night we met with Michael Bambino. I guess all photographers have pretty big personalities (: We were taken a bit off guard at first but his enthusiasm and humor really got us excited by the end of the session. It was actually kind of fun! I never expected that. Unfortunately, he is booked on our day but he said he had another photographer who would work out really well. Also, he said to keep this in mind with other photographers: if they say they have 2 people covering your day, ask if they ever split up to cover one group or another. If they do, this probably means they aren’t getting the coverage you want….
Tonight we meet with Neysa Ruhl. I think after that we are done with searching and will just pick one of them. We’ll probably set up a meeting with Elite Photography too, but judging from their site (which mentioned $12,000), I can’t imagine we’ll be able to afford it. Its worth going for old times’ sake though (: They have always been good to us.