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7 months to go….

13 Dec

I started off this whole planning process on fire.  I was a planning master.  I had at least 50 borrowed wedding magazines (at $10 each, quite an investment), tons of ideas and tons of excitement.

Then the big stuff was planned and suddenly I lost a lot of my excitement and it became a to do list.  The DJ, the Shuttle, the Limo, the Readings, church classes…boooring!  I’ll admit that not a lot got done since August.

In the past month I’ve gotten some encouragement from newly engaged friends (thanks!) and it helped get some of the momentum back that I had been missing for a while.

So, a good place to start is always with your checklist.  What’s left to do?  What’s done?

Here are my updates:

Church > Done. St Francis De Sales

Reception site > Done. Kenwood Country Club

Florist > Done. The Tulip Tree

Dress & Veil > Done.  European Bridal. Picked up dress too.

Photographer > Done. Neysa Ruhl Photography.

Hotel block > Done.  Hampton Suites.

Engagement photographer and location > Done. Paris/Mark Elias; Cincy/Neysa Ruhl

Day Of planner > Done.  Friend from work with experience.

Something Borrowed > Done.  Borrowing Mom’s necklace/earrings & brooch

Bridesmaid dresses > Done.  Dresses finally selected!  We are going to do 2 colors. The first is dark purple with one strap for half the girls, the other is light purple strapless for the other girls.  Note: if you have tall bridesmaids, pick your dresses accordingly!  Make sure they offer extra length.  Only a few dresses at David’s offered that.  I found out that the dresses at Davids are made for a 5’9 woman, so they don’t work for people who are taller (unless its a short dress of course).

Wedding bands > Mine is purchased, at Eddie Lane waiting for me to pick it up.  Drew wanted to keep looking.

*Needs to get done this week* Names & Addresses for Save the Dates!

1. DJ > In Progress.  We’ve gotten a lot of referrals from friends, trying to set up a meeting with DJ Bobby Blaze (with Steve Bender productions) this week.  Honestly, this has been one of the least fun projects to work on.  Its so hard to tell if someone will be cheesy or not!  I can’t wait to get this part booked and over with.

2. Invitations > in progress.  We spent a few hours at Poeme (shop in Hyde Park) and picked out some invitations but we are still working on the fonts and exact styles to use.

3. Church classes > In Progress.  We need to do Pre Cana classes on 2/19 at Raymond Walters and also meet with our priest for our ‘focus’ which is when we answer a bunch of questions about marriage, etc.   Any Catholics out there you can get this info at http://www.catholiccincinnati.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=458&Itemid=1305 then look at first marriage under Pre Cana.

4. Floral arrangments (centerpieces, bouquets, etc) > TBD, need to set meeting with Tulip Tree after getting vases from my cousin Alix in March.

5. Rehearsal dinner > In Progress (Drew is in charge)… I wonder if I should be more concerned we have done little on this…..

6. Honeymoon >! (Note: Avoid places with hurricanes & get trip insurance.)  I know people think I am crazy but I don’t even care if we go on a honeymoon.  If we end up with the house (that I hope we do), things will be super busy up until the wedding and it might be nice to have some time to enjoy the home!  However, Drew and Tara shot me down and told me I was crazy, so I’m letting Drew take over the honeymoon planning since I really don’t care where we go.  As long as there is wine and a place to read and sleep, I’ll be very content.

7. Drew’s wedding band >in progress

8. Groom attire > TBD

9. Transportation > (Drew is in charge) Mostly done.  Our plan is worked out and prices are mostly confirmed.  Just need to do the formal booking.  We are going to get 2 (10 person) town cars to take us to the church and back to KCC, and have a shuttle from the hotel to KCC for those who don’t want to leave their cars there.  Drew couldn’t find a vintage car that really inspired him (as he put it) so we decided it wasn’t worth the money.

10. DJ > TBD (Drew is in charge)

11. Cake > TBD > Mom is taking care of this

12. Decorations > TBD

  • (30) 5×7 pictures of cars with titles for tables
  • Purple napkins (Need to confirm they are no add’t cost with KCC)
  • Purple votives > Done (90)
  • Vases > Can borrow from Alix
  • Tea lights > Can rent from Catherine! (Need to make sure she has unfrosted ones)

12. Fitting/dress alterations/dry clean

13. Hair appointment/practice do > TBD

14. Makeup > TBD

15. Hair Accessories/Jewelry > In Progress.  Going to borrow Mom’s necklace and earrings.  Bridal hair piece in the works for DIY project.

16. Wedding shoes > TBD.  Not allowed to have shoes with stones in case they catch on dress – per Mom. Looking for purple!

17. Registry > TBD > at Crate, BBB, Target (?), Home Depot > TBD

18. Something Blue? > TBD

19. Bridesmaid/Groomsmen gifts > In progress

20. OOTowner gift bags, maps, etc > TBD

21. Programs, name cards > TBD

22. Wedding certificate > TBD

23. Ceremony readings picked > TBD

24. Ceremony music > TBD

25. Cocktail hour music – (Mom in charge) > TBD

26. Photobooth > TBD

To help move things along, my mom and I have been Skyping on Wed nights to give each other wedding updates.  My goals is to work on this stuff while I have some time off around Christmas, so look forward to an updated list! (:


Found it!

6 Jul

We started at Fabulous Bridal, which I did think lived up to their name.  They had some great off the rack dresses and lots that I liked.  We found one dress that was really great, had little sleeves (forget what they are called) and was just gorgeous.  Unfortunately, it had a few snags in the material and a stain in the front, but I loved it (and the price) so much we decided to put it on hold just in case.

Bridal and Formal was less exciting and much more tiring.  We tried on dress after dress and it was exhausting!  I did find 2 I really liked but they both looked like they should be for destination weddings… they had flowers on them…

Afterward BF we had about 45 minutes until our next appt at David’s.  My mom really wanted to go to European Bridal (across the street) but I didn’t want to b/c I thought the ads looked snooty and I wasn’t sure they would have anything I’d like.  We walked in and the lady was super helpful and eventually revived us enough to cancel our David’s appt.  Then I told her I really wanted something unique that no one else would have and she brought in THE ONE!  Its made by an exclusive dealer just for European Bridal called Artistic Bridal.  And its awesome.  When I put it on, my mom actually started crying.  She didn’t have that reaction for any other dress.  It was really special (:

Dressapalooza ’10

3 Jul

Monday, 7/5 – The big day for dress shopping!  My mom and I both have the day off and all the bridal shops are open, so we figured it would be perfect.  I hope no one else has the same brilliant idea!  Tara is meeting up at 5 for the grand finale (:

First stop – Fabulous Bridal Boutique

Appointment: 12:00pm

Second stop – Bridal and Formal in Reading

Appointment: 2:30pm

Third stop – David’s Bridal

Appointment: 5pm

Pick out bridesmaid dress for Katie’s wedding & wedding dress for my wedding

If time: Wendy’s or Nordstroms